Accelerate Your Learning
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Study Smarter, Faster & Easier.
Discover The SECRETS to Get Better Grades & Results Using Cutting Edge 21st Century Study Techniques, Global Best Practices, Learning Strategies & Best Study Skills
Introducing Accelerated Learning Study System
Accelerated Learning Features:
Proven System Used By Over 95 000 Students
Used at University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN)
Used By Dept. Of Education KZN, Intec, Damelin & ICESA
Featured on National TV - SABC1
Average Increase Of 21% In Overall Grades
Used by Corporate Companies for Training & Development
Why Are So Many Students Using Accelerated Learning?
Cutting Edge 21st Century Study Techniques In A Proven System Used at Schools, Universities, Colleges and Even Corporate Companies To Improve Studying Results. Loved By All
Study Smarter, Faster & Easier.
Accelerated Learning is a world class Study System of the most powerful learning techniques discovered in the last 3 years to help you become a SUPER-LEARNER and master any subject and any skill faster than most people, while still having fun!

Master the art of learning ANYTHING (Subjects, Any Skill, Playing A Musical Instrument or even Learning A Sport) To get better grades on your report card, breeze through your tests and ACE your exams without stressing out...

Accelerated Learning Study System is a unique collection of the latest 21st Century study techniques, proven tips, tools and learning strategies to turn you into a SUPER-LEARNER - even if you've never thought of yourself as INTELLIGENT or a "gifted" student.

And just in case you're wondering, getting better grades and becoming a SUPER-LEARNER doesn't mean you have to become a nerd or a "book worm".
After all, you still want to have a life, go out with friends, go to the movies, chill out on Facebook, Chat on WhatsApp/BBM, watch TV, Gaming Online and have fun filled social life.

That’s why you must learn the Accelerated Learning secrets that will help you absorb,process, digest and remember large amounts of subject information quickly and easily so that you get the best grades with the least amount of effort. Accelerated Learning will show you exactly step-by-step how you can get better grades without busting your ***!
  • No More Studying for Hours
  • No More Forgetting What You Learnt After 1-2 weeks
  • No More Struggling to Cope With The Workload
  • No More of "Just NO TIME"
  • No More Leaving Things For Last Minute
  • No More Pulling All Nighters
  • No More Exam or Test Stress
  • No More Pressure From Parents
  • No More Struggling To Keep UP
  • No More Giving Up Social Life, Your Phone or Internet
Accelerated Learning System
Gets You Immediate Results!!
Discover the PROVEN, TRIED & TESTED Accelerated Learning System Which Is Based on 6 Core Pillars of Study Success
1. Study Psychology
Everything Relating To The Study Mind and Brain.
- Beliefs Of Learning & Studying
- Focus, Attention & Concentration
- Processing of Information
- Preferred Learning Styles
- Brain Profile & Personality Type
- And More
2. Study Productivity
Everything That Will Help A Student Produce Results Needed.
- Study Time Management
- Effective Note Taking
- Reading to Extract Key Information
- Trained Memory
- Correct Revising Skills
- And More
3. Study Performance
All The Aspects That Help A Student PERFORM Better.
- Attitude
- Emotions
- Diet
- Motivation
- Sleep
- Exercise
- And More
4. Study Process
Step By Step Process Of Everything in Studying & Learning
- When Sitting To Study
- When Preparing For Tests/Exams
- When Interacting In Class
- When Taking An Exam
- Answering Exam Questions
- And More
5. Study Persistence
When You Are Unable To Learn Or You Have Got Bad/Low Marks Or Even Failed
- How to Persist
- Using Turn Around Strategies
- Being Resilient & Bouncing Back
- Keeping Focused on Goal Grades
- Passion & Strength
- And More
6. Study Purpose
Everything Leads To WHY
- Gives You Clear Direction
- Creating M.A.P
- Creating Vision
- Setting Targets & Goal Grades
- Daily Focus
- And More
Dear Junaid, Thank You seems trivial in comparison to the wisdom you've shared in our recent training session! Far too inadequate to say your workshop is LIFE CHANGING. After years in the field, and exposure to Global Best Practice, I can honestly say YOU are world class! Thank you for everything, your energy, the lessons, the inexplicable journey of Accelerated Learning
Leisha NaidooOrganisational Training Manager - SA Home Loans
Accelerated Learning Will...
  • Make Studying SMARTER, FASTER & EASIER
  • Cut Study Time By 2/3
  • Identify & Maximise Your Preferred Learning Style
  • Give Your Studies Purpose & Direction
  • Master Exam/Test Prep & Exam Taking
  • Master the Learning Process in 3 Simple Steps
  • Master Essay Writing as Simple as A, B,C
  • Remove You From Your OLD Conditioning
  • Enable You To Be Creative in Thinking
  • Enable You To Mind Map
  • Make You Much More Confident
  • More Accountability & Responsibility
  • Let You Enjoy & Have Fun Learning
  • Make You Realise Your True Potential
  • Master Inner World For Outer World Success
  • Train Your Memory Using 15 Different Memory Techniques
  • Create Unique Schedule By You For You
  • Improve Grades/Results In Every Subject
  • And So Much More!!!

Some Study Secrets Will You Discover On Accelerated Learning??

  • Identify & Maximise Your Preferred Learning Style
  • Learn the 5 Stages of Learning & 3 Levels of Learning
  • How To Process Information To Accelerate Learning
  • How to Attain Deep Focus & Concentration
  • How to Get Into The Learning State
  • How To Study in Less Time & Remember 4 Times More
  • How To Create A Fun Study Plan & Performance Schedule
  • How To Create A Simple Revision Plan
  • How To Take FULL CONTROL of your Time
  • How To Procrastinate Procrastination
  • How To Write ESSAYS in 3 simple Steps
  • How to Overcome Mental & Memory Blocks
  • How To Mind Map Your Entire Subject on 1 Page
  • How to Reduce Your Work Volume by 70-80%
  • How To Grow Your Intelligence
  • How To Get to UNDERSTANDING your work
  • How To Create a WINNING ATTITUDE
  • How To Tap Into Your TRUE POTENTIAL
  • How To Bring Out The GENIUS Within You
  • How To Train Your Memory and Create a Memory Palace
  • How To Take Control of Your Emotions
  • How to Find Internal Motivation
  • How To Master Multiple Choice and True & False Questions
  • How to Love Learning & Studying
  • How To Find Your Passion, Talent & Skills
  • Learn How To Hack Your Studying
  • Learn To Read 3 Times Faster & Remember 80% More
  • Learn The 10 Step Ladder To Peak Performance
  • How to Ace Your Tests & Exams
  • And Much More
Accelerated learning has encouraged me and has taught me many different study techniques that helped me overcome the workload and also save time. It taught me about MindMaps, Study Time Management, Essay Writing, Memory Techniques and many more study methods that i never knew about. Accelerated Learning has been a lifechanging program for me and my friends not only in school but other aspects of life aswell. It has boosted my confidence and self esteem whilst enhancing my study performance aswell. Thank You Junaid "I'm A WINNER, I'm A SUCCESS!!!"
EugeneGrade 12 Student
Featured on TV - SABC1
Amazing achievement for Accelerated Learning to be featured on National TV for outstanding results achieved with learners
Over 1 000 Grade 9 Learners Workshop
Accelerated Learning is currently used by the Dept. of Education for various grades to help improve results.
Weekly Lectures of Accelerated Learning at University of KZN (UKZN)
Accelerated Learning is used to improve results of students at university. Weekly lectures on Accelerated Learning techniques are conducted at University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (UKZN Campus)
Weekly Radio Show of Accelerated Learning Study Techniques
Apart from being featured on several radio shows regularly, Accelerated Learning has its own weekly show to empower, inspire and motivate community to study Smarter, Faster & Easier that gets better results.
With Accelerated Learning You Can LEARN ANY Subject
Learning How To Learn How To Learn To Be Able To Play A Sport, Learn to Play An Instrument Or Learn Any Subject Material.
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

I am writing exams in 2 weeks. Will your course help me improve my grades?
Accelerated Learning techniques will bring you immediate results from day 1. So yes this course will definitely help you improve your results and confidence as well.

I have been diagnosed with ADD. Can you help me study better?
Yes we have techniques that even assist students that have been labelled "ADD/ADHD"
The techniques will help you identify and maximise your preferred learning style.

Will You Come to My School if I can get a class to do your course?
We will gladly come to your school and run the program for you. We go to various schools and have already done over 600 schools

I am not from South Africa. How can I learn or attend your course?
Accelerated Learning is delivered in over 10 ways to students all over the world.
We deliver a LIVE WEEKLY WEBINAR which is around 60-90mins for 12 Weeks
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