ITEC Last Exam Papers – Revision Questions

Using ITEC past exam reports can be extremely good for all students studying any of the ITEC subjects. Regrettably ITEC do not offer past exam reports or concerns and that means you must look for an alternate modification resource that provides modification concerns like those found on ITEC’s past exam reports.

ITEC’s principle reports come in the structure of multiple-choice concerns so making use of these sort of concerns while you are revising is recommended whilst prepares the student for the structure of their actual exam report.

Using Anatomy and Physiology as an example, listed here are some sample multiple-choice concerns;

01. 2 pairs of centrioles split during which phase of mitosis?
a) Prophase – Answer
b) Anaphase
c) Telophase
d) Metaphase

02. What muscle tissue lowers the mandible and starts the lips?
a) Horizontal pterygoid – Answer
b) Medial pterygoid
c) Orbicularis oculi
d) Masseter

03. What is the purpose of the right lymphatic duct?
a) Drains lymph to the mind, neck and torso
b) Collects lymph through the right side of body
c) Collects lymph through the right side of mind and neck, chest and correct arm – Answer
d) Collects lymph through the left region of the human anatomy

Whatever ITEC exam you’re revising for, whether it is Beauty treatment or Reflexology, it is important to have a report program positioned including mastering these concerns everyday.

I would recommend you learn several concerns daily, about 20-30 based on just how hectic you’re. As well as if you are really hectic on a certain time, mastering simply 5 concerns is okay, 5 is better than nothing at all. Bear in mind, the answer to your exam success with this particular method is consistency. Repeat this procedure day-after-day as well as your confidence when you look at the topic you’re mastering will soon develop.

Source by Georgina Ryan

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