Listed below are just a partial list of testimonials and comments received from students like you who purchased my program that help students improve learning strategies and study skill with accelerated learning, memory skilles and speed reading techniques. Certain names have been marked as anonymous as these people have chosen not to have their details published out in public and we respect their choice.

I include them here so you can see first-hand how other students like you are benefiting from developing better learning strategies, study methods, techniques, skills and study habits. This program is certainly a life-changing event, which is why I created the Accelerated Learning and Super Study Skills program.

Take a moment now to explore what can now happen to your grades, as did others. As you read, you’ll imagine the possibilities resonate in your mind and you’ll feel the sense of enlightenment that’s created when the burden of schoolwork is finally lifted from your shoulders and learning becomes fun and enjoyable – mainly BECAUSE you start to succeed and get better results and grades!

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“your course really helps. i went from 10th place in class to 2nd place and my aggregate went up by 50     Shameer Deepak – 3 Oct 2011
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HOD PMS Girls Campus – R.B. Backus

I thoroughly enjoyed the programme, it was informative and amazing how it is possible to tap into long term memory and memorize vast amounts of information. I think studying and teaching will take place in a new exciting way. In order to succeed, we must know and believe that there are no limits. The theory discussed has really empowered learners in a practical way – learners are now aware and more positive about achieving and exceeding their true potential.

I loved being able to attend!

Lungile Magwaza – Educator Verulam Secondary School

It was effective and interesting. This programme is life changing in different aspects of life not only in learning. Excellent program by Junaid Bayat.

Chanelle Sunderpersadh

It was very interesting and informative. It will enhance my grades and performance academically and my day to day lifestyle activities. Will help me in the development of a better character as a person. It is a wonderful and very informative experience for people to gain required knowledge and skills they seek. I hereby realise “I am a WINNER! I am a SUCCESS!”


It was really nice. I experienced new methods. I feel that I learnt new steps on improving my results. It makes me more confident of ways on saving time. This program has made a difference in my life.

Nosipho Nzama

It was a pleasure. I got to learn alot of things and how to go about in improving my marks and how I should study. I learnt that you can use technology such as cell phone etc. in learning.

I will be a learner who would produce good and pleasing results and it thought me a lot of things which I didn’t know and even thought of.  And now I also know an easier way of writing and essay and how to study.

Ntombifikile Ndlovu

I learnt how to create a study plan. It helped me to realise the importance of studying and knowing what I want to achieve in the short term and long term.

It has given me the courage to go forward with my goals. It made a huge difference by teaching me how to manage my time when studying and the exams. It taught me not to look at the negative side but always be positive.

Thershlan Patchappan

It was a good excellent fun experience. Never felt bored and was exciting throughout. It helped me understand myself and which career I want to go to.


It’s been fun cause I was taught so many things I didn’t know like the easy way to write an essay cause this has been difficult for me.

This programme has inspired me in certain good ways.

It has improved my studies cause I have learnt so much and that would lend me to do more and have a successful career.


I enjoyed it and I’ve gained so much that I didn’t know. It has made everything that seemed hard and made it easy and understandable.

It will definitely encourage me to aim further and always look on the bright side. And have a clear vision of what my future will look like.

I think your service is the BEST!


It is fun, it relaxers your mind and teaches you on how you give focus to your exams and how you can achieve good results.

I will follow the guidelines and I will firstly focus on what I am capable off before I jump to the ones I find difficult. I will achieve good result and know I can do it. I will pass my matric by using the study plan I learnt in Accelerated Learning.

Tasleemah Usman

I was able to become well informed as the day went by and Junaid was a very enthusiastic individual who was willing to answer questions presented by the learners. I will use the information learnt to my advantage.

Hmmmm…As we began the day, every little detail made a difference and I will apply everything learnt today for the rest of my life.


It was very motivating. I now am enthusiastic on doing much better so I too can write a good report on this blog.

It was interesting and definitely usable. The techniques worked like a bomb and it has an impact and made a difference in my life.

It will improve my grades and easier to achieve my goals. I now look forward to studying because I know I can do my best. “I am a WINNER! I am a SUCCESS!” & I will be SUCCESSFUL at the end of this year.

Zuziwe J Mthembu

I learned the experience of changing my mind about studying skill and learn how it’s important to have a guide teacher to help me.

It has encouraged me for doing what’s right for my future and how set my goals. In life we all deserve a better future and it has given us ideas of what is important for our lives.

Zinzile P Ngcobo

It was a good experience because it changed my mind set. I now have more confidence about myself.

It gives me more confident and many tips of studying and how to face my fears.

Phindile Mathunswa

I learnt that you must have potential and be positive.

I am a winner, I’m a success. Learnt how to study at home.

Accelerated Learning will improve and play a big role in my career and help me to overcome my fears, telling myself that I can make it. Starting now I’m pass with bachelor’s degree, so that il be able to take good care of my family. I’m a WINNER/Success

Andiswa Geza

It was very empowering, motivating and inspiring. I enjoyed it and I think it will help me improve my results. It has inspired me very much and it has taught me a much easier way of memorise my notes. This would definitely improve my life in the future.


It was exciting and vibrant. I was able to absorb all the necessary information that I required to make a change in my life.

It gave me direction as to how to study. I would be able to put that into practice that would help me achieve success by end of year.

Davire Lily Watyeka

It was enriching and I really learnt things that I never knew. I feel that my knowledge has been increased.

I believe I am more equipped to tackle my school work. It will help me get better grades and gain more confidence to face my challenge’s. I will never look at any of my situations negatively and I look forward to having great success by means of implementing these techniques in my life.

I think this program is empowering and perfect.

Anele Maphumulo

I learn more study skills and it built my self-esteem. Got more confident to get better grades.


It was very educational and inspirational. I really enjoyed this programme and will definitely share my experiences to other students.

I feel more confident. I will improve my results and use my time more efficiently.


I enjoyed myself and obtained what I wanted from it, how to improve my grades whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I have learnt valuable skills that will ensure that I achieve my desired results at the end of this academic year. I have learnt how to project positive thoughts and the importance of being optimistic.


I learnt a lot of study skills that I wasn’t aware of and I think if I apply them properly I will see a change in my results.

By the time I have applied the skills I have learnt or absorbed. I am looking forward to see my results improving and I am sure I will see a change not only in my studies but also my personality.

Shaun Dlomo

In this workshop it really help us cause it give us more knowledge and shows us how to study.

Accelerated Learning will improve my life by knowing how to manage time in my life.

Ntobelio Twala

It was a great experience for I have learned a lot regarding on the ways on which we should study.

This will help me have more confidence and actually looking forward to trying on the skills that I had learned. Mr Junaid Bayat has made me look at things in a different way. Thank you very much.

Thabani Luthulie

I learnt a lot about studying skills and it also empowers self-esteem, you also get motivated.

You see a different vision of life. Your grades increases to better marks. It a fun skills experience.

Thamsanqa Fortune Mbese

It motivated us and I learnt a lot of new tips and how to study the right way.

It help me improve my long term goals and improve my grades which will allow me to get into university of my choice and get into university and study for a degree.


It was very good, I learnt a lot of strategies to improve my overall results.

It will give me a chance to get the opportunities I have been preparing for. It will secure my place in my future to get what I have been working towards.

Kajol Rampersadh

It was powerful and moving, it really inspired me to do well and thought me a new understanding.

I now understand basic tactics which I didn’t before. And now I understand fully and completely of what is expected from me in my matric year and understand the requirements.

Deval Maharaj

It was very empowering and fun. Very educational in achieving higher results and better study skills

This program is life changing and this will help me improve my skills and achieve what I want to be in the future and my career. This program moved the way I think and carry out myself in the future.

Nokuthoba Phewa Ice

Perfect, I learned new techniques of studying. Enjoyed every second, very light way of approaching path to success. Wonderful Experience.

In a very good way, I am now confident and looking forward to going for my goals. I now see my future very bright and myself very successful. Program was super cool.

Riona Bramdeo

I came into the workshop not having a lot of expectations but I’m really glad that I did. I learnt a lot about positive thinking and study tips that will work in matric and make a difference in my life.

I learnt techniques that I was not aware of. A lot of new tips and methods.

I will take home all the skills that I obtained today and practice it when I am learning and I will change my mind in terms of being more positive. Stop procrastinating about homework and assignments. It was absolutely informative.

Melo Mogome

Very informative and motivating. I will be able to write essays at a better level. I will be able to study smarter and quicker.

Shashi Simelane

I enjoyed the workshop. I’m generally a confident person but Mr Bayat’s workshop totally raised my confidence from 8 to 10.

It will help by including more positivity in my life and also make my dreams more clear and reachable.

I enjoyed Mr Bayats stories. He should include more in the program… J lol


Was a very learnable experience, enjoyable and I learnt a lot of new things.

It will give me a force and goal in life. It will help me to get the grades I want to enter the career field of my choice.

Shivani Latchminarain

It was a great experience, I’ve really learnt a lot and will follow these study skills.

This program has taught me a lot and was really empowering. This has taught me how to increase my marks and I wouldn’t find studying boring anymore. I would be less stressed.

Manisha Hiralall

It was an excellent experience. It has really helped me a lot in regards to study techniques and skills.

The techniques and skills were excellently performed.

It will improve how I study in my subject. It will also make my life less stressful and it will help me save time in my day. It will also improve my schooling life by far.


I had a good experience. It was very informative.

I have a better understanding of the different methods of learning. I learnt how to manage my time when studying.


Experienced ways on how to do study time managing and how to structure my goals. I will start to be positive to myself so that I can achieve good results.

Avishka Ramersad

It was really nice and very helpful.

It was a fun and realistic experience. It showed me how to handle my time, etc.

It will improve my grades and will help me sort my life out. It will help me to focus on my career. It empowered me to really start liking school and studying.


It was a good and mind changing experience. I learnt a lot of techniques as well. Overall it was fulfilling with a lot of valuable information.

Accelerated Learning will firstly boost my self-confidence so that I can perform excellently.  My grades will be improved with all A’s. at the end I will receive my distinctions and have a successful career.

Mlhongo Slindile

It was worth it. We had much experience based on the ways we should study and also fun. It changed my way towards my behaviour towards school work/study. “I loved it”

I will start changing the negative beliefs about myself. Think positive all the time!! And also study hard now. I believe that nothing is impossible “Yes I can!!” the study techniques yes I’ll do it and I am waiting for the progress in my life.

Thozamile Nicole Hadebe

It was fun and empowering and I enjoyed it. I learned many things that I didn’t know and since today  have learned to be more confident and hope to get better results.

Accelerated Learning will improve my life because since today I feel more positive about myself. I will get better/excellent grades because I learnt new easy techniques of learning. These techniques makes life so much easier and learning fun. I now can see my career in future, a bright one.


For me I’ve learnt a lot. It was very educational, inspirational and I’ve learnt about things

That I never known about.

Accelerated Learning workshop will be life changing, cause if you have a powerful mind-set it will improve your life and career, success is the key to a good future.

Prianca Chetty

This workshop was phenomenal. I have gained self-confidence and belief to motivate me to achieve excellent results. Gaining knowledge on study techniques will benefit me tremendously.

Accelerated Learning workshop was extremely fun, interesting and informative. The program will of a tremendous benefit to my life. I have gained confidence, belief and motivation to change the frequency of my thoughts. I am confident that this course will add huge value to my life and thanks to my coach.


Learning how to study and remember information.

It will help me to improve my learning skills and to remember my work easily.

Lihle Andrei-Cole Myeni

It has helped me a lot, it was amazing. I learnt different skills and I can’t wait to go home to do my studying

Accelerated Learning will improve my life and career because it has taught me a lot of techniques on learning and studying.

Nokubanga Princess Goba

I learnt many new things I didn’t know before on how to study, how the mind works and other experiences.

Accelerated Learning will upgrade my marks so I can pass every term. All this will be possible because I now have tips on how to study, focus in my studies and prepare for exams. Thanks to Mr. Bayat

Smangele Claudia Nyuswa

My experience on Accelerated Learning workshop was I learnt a lot about how to change and making learning easy mostly and how to write essays.

Accelerated Learning will improve my life and career because I learnt a lot about making life easy so as studying it also made me realise how important it is to go over your work at home.

Madanoo Londiwe

My experience with Accelerated Learning was gaining ways in approaching my studies and performing exceptionally without panicking during exams.

It will help me become more confident about myself and looking forward to achieving the best of myself.

Reshlin Reddy

A good motivation to study easily and be more productive.

Accelerated Learning will help me overcome obstacles that make it difficult to achieve my career goals now that I am equipped with the right study techniques and necessary tools required. I now see studying as much easier.

Nandopriya Jairam

This workshop was empowering and inspiring. It presented us with effective & alternative methods of approaching different aspects of life in order to achieve success.

Accelerated Learning provides me with alternative yet effective methods to approach the activities I am required to do in order to achieve success. It opens up new easier route to achieve my goals.

Lesthiel Roopnarain

Good motivation to study harder and achieve my long term goals.

It will help me achieve my long term goals in life and help get over obstacles and challenges in my life. This teaches you that in life there are no limits.

Rowen Padayachee

I had a very good experience on Accelerated Learning workshop and after attending it I actually feel motivated on how to learn.

Accelerated Learning will help me achieve higher grades and also help me get a well-paid job.

Kimone Govender

I have learnt a lot from this workshop. It was very informative and exciting. Teaches us a lot about ways to learn better and to manage time well.

Accelerated Learning will help me learn better and be more motivated. Will also help me do well in school and be more confident.

Selina Naiker

It was inspiring and the interactive format was enjoyable. I feel extremely motivated.

Accelerated Learning taught me not to procrastinate(which is my biggest problem) and to believe in myself.


It was a very awesome experience not boring at all. Very interesting

It will help understand myself and the way we work.

Ntathuko Malehathi

It was motivating, intriguing, exciting and mind blowing. I learnt a lot about myself and my abilities.

Accelerated Learning was more than just an empowerment workshop, it was  amazing, it unlocked  new doors in my mind, it was very exciting, informative, motivated and just lekker!!!

I have been in many workshops but this one was like no other J


It was a very good experience. At first I didn’t have the enthusiasm but as the presentation progressed I was like so captured and I didn’t want Mr Bayat to stop. Thank You.

Accelerated Learning is very helpful and the main thing is that I prefer 1-on-1 because I get to be free, ask my questions. If I had opportunity I would go for 1-on-1.

Sphisile Malium

It was motivational, enjoyable, having fun while learning alerting us about exams, studying etc. it aims for lots of confidence and overcome all the fears. Improve grades.

Accelerated Learning taught me new tricks on how to study. The program is awesome, fantastic. I cannot compare it to any workshop I have been to. I am motivated and looking forward to changing my attitude toward my studying and work. I am looking forward to the next session. Your service is excellent.

Jyoti Ajodapersad

It was a very positive, uplifting programme that enabled me to reach my potential and goals.

By following the techniques taught to me will help me improve most of my study methods and help me develop my mind-set. I had an awesome time and will definitely share my experiences with others.

Roanne Chetty

It was very helpful and has taught me how to reach my goal easier. I enjoyed the workshop. Thank you

I have learnt how to work towards my goals easier. This presentation has helped me focus on the future plans and gave me a better understanding. Thanks to this mini workshop I am going to go home to study like seriously.

Kimberlee Kallee

Very educational. I learnt a lot, thank you, keep up the good work. Looking forward to more workshops.

It would set me on a better path in life. Makes me aware I can face my challenges with an open mind and a positive attitude. Accelerated Learning will make my future a very bright and predictable one. This company makes me want to work harder and strive for the best.


It was enthralling and enthusiastic, it thought me a lot! I really look forward to many more

Eesan Moonsamy

It was interesting and it thought me a lot about study skills.

Aaron Krishen

It was tops!! Really learnt a lot of life skills and tips on how to approach certain issues in my daily life.

It will help me to achieve better results and motivate me to become a success and obtain a better lifestyle

Avishkar Ramchender

It was excellent and inspiring.

Achieve better results which will help me succeed in my career.

Asheel Balram

It helped me improve my grades

It will help me achieve my bachelors pass with distinctions

Raeesa Haniff

Honestly it was amazing, I felt empowered, It honestly and hopefully will make a difference in my life and academic results

Leigh Ann Muthen

Excellent. I learnt how to learn

I have been inspired to prosper in my future studies and I will attend any of these workshops again. Now I actually want to study and I don’t feel forced in any way. My studies ensure my success


It was motivating and encouraging to achieve success.

Helps me get better grades in school.

Lucille Venketsamy

It was a great experience. I was really motivated and inspired.

It will empower me and improve my life. Helps me achieving my desired career

Reicene Pillay

My experience was very enriching and motivating

The skills that I have acquired and will benefit me academically and will in turn help me to choose a good career

Jerome Coopusemy

Very inspiring and motivating.

Tarryn Nadasan

Extremely interesting and Ive learnt a lot that will help me in my studies resulting in a better future/life.

With the skills and techniques I have from this workshop I strongly believe that I am now a better equip to achieve my desired symbols at the end of this year.


It was very different as compared to the other workshops that I had attended. This was a very exciting and educational experience.

-Ensure better results à able to apply & get accepted in a career of your choice à life gets easier à in terms of challenge.


Great experience very motivating, inspiring, exciting and empowering.

It would help enhance the quality of my performance. It would help me with managing my time effectively and help me improve my results.

Mohamed Riaz Cassim

Learnt a lot, informative and exciting. Teaches how to learn better.

-have been more motivated.

-more confident.

-manage time.

-help me to choose the right path.

Kajon Maharaj

It was amazing since I learnt many different study techniques

It improves my ability to work smarter.

Megan Naidoo

It was very good, it has motivated me to achieve better results

It will improve my matric results and get me a place at my university of choice.

Sbanelo Mthiyane

Was amazed by the tricks of studying especially essay learning.


It was very enlighting. I enjoyed every bit of it

I feel more confident. I will be able to achieve better results

Kimalda Gounden

This is very motivational, and it inspired me to do well in my exams. And I’m going to use the techniques

Reevona Subban

Very good, I learnt how to learn better and easier.

I feel this will improve my mind and way to study better. It inspires me to do well and be able to get the grades I want to achieve.


This experience was enlightening and very informative. I really enjoyed the workshop. Had an awesome time. Looking forward to attending the next one.

It would help me to develop better skills so that I can achieve better results in school so I would be able to enter university


It was awesome. Very informing. Fun and inspiring

It would improve my results which will result in me getting into my wanted career choice.

Sonal Beni Umraw

It was very fulfilling and enriching and thought me a lot of interesting helpful methods to study and approach life. Very exciting

It will help me improve my grades with better study will help me achieve my goals and choose the right career

Ashish Mawalall

It was a very good experience, and it was fun. You do not get bored.

It will help me understand myself and which career path I want to go to, and become successful.

Simone Chetty

Excellent. It really helped me. I’m more confident, and I’ve learnt a lot, good coach as well

It will improve my self-confidence. I really am looking forward to study, believe it or not. I found many learning patterns that I didn’t know before. It was a good experience

Taruna Nagappen

Good and awesome. Great coach

Help me be good in school and looking forward to learning

Roseanne Alexander

Good and very funny. Good coach J

Be more confident in my life. Teach me new methods to study and memory. Looking forward to learning.


I learnt some methods on studying skills. And now to absorb everything I learned easily and much faster.

I’ll know exactly where I’m going and what are my goal.


My experience in this workshop was that, it gives us a lot of important information on what we should do in our school period

I will be positive, confident and will be more active in my school work.

Muhammed Irfaan Masthan

This workshop was very interesting as well as motivating and really helpful.

I will achieve success hopefully and gain good results to be accepted in university.


-Very enlightening and interesting

-Very helpful and exciting

This helpful experience in enhancing my learning skills as well as improving my ability

Firdaus Haroun



It was motivating and inspiring

Helps to be successful and get better grades.


I’ve learnt a lot that I would implement into the way I study and do my work

Various ways, different techniques.


Motivating and inspiring.

It helps you get better grades.

Terissa Pillay

It was very educational and has taught me many study skills that will help to improve my marks

By following the techniques that were taught today, I will be able to achieve whatever I want. These techniques have helped to develop my study skills; I have enjoyed my time and consider it as time well spent. I will definitely be spreading the word about this programme.

Tehilla Janel Archary

Having the opportunity to exercise my true potential has made a positive impact in the way I will carry out my further studying and daily routines.

By following the techniques that have been taught today will improve my study skills and develop my mind-set. I am positive in the way I think; act and speak! I have had an exciting time and will share my experience with others.

Mohamed Bayat

Learnt various ways in order to increase your symbols, ways in which to manage my time and personal life.

It teaches and gives you various ways and ideas in how to improve your life, time and marks at school. It also gives you an idea on how to balance your personal life from school and still be a teenager.

Sumayah G. Rassool

The workshop has been extremely informative and empowering. It has given me the information and techniques to achieve the goals I have set.

Accelerated Learning now gives me the tools to go about achieving the grades I want. My career choice is Actuarial Science which is requires and belief that I can achieve success in this field is now confirmed. These techniques and skills will help me greatly to a successful career.

Thank you for an Excellent and empowering learning programme. It is much needed among the learners.

Kerone Sewkumar

Made me realise and understand how to learn in a better way, learnt something new

  • Gives me more self-confidence to myself and along with hope/faith in future.
  • I now know that I can think positive and achieve my long term goals


It was a very educational experience. I really learnt a lot an how to study and prepare for my exams. I enjoyed the workshop a lot.

Firstly to be extremely successful by improving on my studying skills and exam strategies. It motivated me to always be positive in life and follow my goals by careful planning.


  • It was exciting
  • Learning was made easy
  • Learning will be easier
  • It was fun
  • It improved my way of studying

Sholene Moodley

Interesting, fun, awesome/worthwhile experience. I learned a lot of new things about both myself and school.

It allowed me to look at studying from another point of view & improved my grades and ensured me to reach my goal of a bright and successful career!


It was exciting

It was very motivating

It was inspiring

Nazeer Bayat

It was amazing. Gives you a lot of inspiration and motivation

It will improve my matric results and allow me to achieve my wanted career choice. J


It was really motivating, I have learnt a lot about different study skills. It was amazing, unique and different. It was fun and exciting and our course instructor kept us entertained.

Accelerated Learning helped me manage my time more effectively and be more productive in everything I do. And how to set my goals and work towards it and be proactive. It also taught me to take control of my studies and believe in myself.


I entered the room curious without expectation.  The program was an informative summary of commonly dispensed advice. Nevertheless, I commend you and your company for the attempt to assist learners. The presenter was really highly energetic and vibrant.

I believe in complete individuality – making it on my own with min. assistance.

Some points are valuable, though no drastic change was made. Perhaps I am already a confident self-motivated individual. I take great interest in the workings of the mind and this program proved somewhat helpful.

Mass programs don’t allow suggesting solutions for specific individuals.

Micallum Singh

It was an ever changing experience, it was awesome. I learnt things I never knew.

Rose Govender

It was good. It opened my mind to new learning styles. I also learnt that having a positive mind set, I can achieve anything. From now on, I’ll always be positive.

Firdaus Harun

I learnt how to control my mind and how to memorize what I need to know. I now know secrets to success and how to achieve my goals. It was an extremely exiting experience and I loved the videos.

Veida Odette Udithparsad

Oh my god… It was amazing. I didn’t expect so much. I wish I knew all of this earlier. I can’t wait to go home and study! I really enjoyed this workshop and recommend it to all children my age.

Shaheel Rajcoomar

Was really awesome, I learnt a lot and can’t wait to go pull it to use. And Mr junaid was an awesome teacher. Was really worth of money, and a Saturday, really enjoyed it, and enjoyed learning all the new skills.

Kimberley Pillay

It gave me an exciting view on doing homework and learning.

It is an amazing program it will really help me with my studies and schoolwork as well as improving my marks. Was wonderful experience

Kathline Kisten

I learnt a lot from it, it is exciting and fun. I learnt things I didn’t even know. It was exciting

Nurudeen Casim

It was full, educational and full of surprises. It was a good experience


It was nice and fun. I would love to be on it again. It really helped me as a person.

I now know how to study.


It was loads of fun. I really enjoyed it and I took a lot out of it and honestly think I can do better in my exams.

If I apply all of this, I’m sure I can improve.

Sumaiyah Shaik

It was awesome; I really enjoyed, learnt a lot and wrote a lot. It was really fun, we did cool activities and now I know how to remember stuff. It’s the best thing ever!

It’s a good experience I really liked all the stories and the speaker makes it fun

Shameer Deepak

A highly enjoyable day, I look forward to honing my new skills and latent potential. I enjoyed the day




Sachin Siva Subramonian

The workshop was really helpful and thought me many things i never know! It was really worth it. This workshop is a must see Junaid Bayat Accelerated learning program rocks.

An excellent workshop indeed.

Halima Reabetswe Ndovu

I learnt a lot and found out that I can do anything and everything is possible.

I think it is going to help me big time because the techniques are magnificent. And while I was listening I could not wait to go home and study because I knew that the methods would work and I now like studying.

Nonizamo Mnqayi

It was an awesome experience, mind opening and excellent.Ive seen a different view of life and some bad habits that I need to quit, ever since this workshop has changed my state of thinking.

Nondumiso Bengu

I experienced vast ways of improving in learning ,potential for learning.

I think I improved very well and I want to always use the methods and I’m definitely going to tell others about this Accelerated learning.

Ismaeel Khan

How to get into a learning state.

I like the rapport section and how to get into a learning state.

Kiarah Kalideen

I felt that my experience was absolutely amazing even though it was my first time. I certainly learned a lot and had so much of fun.

It has given me different ways to study and how to look at things in a positive way. I wouldn’t get bored or tired when I learn. I will definitely up my grades in every subject. I know how many more things my brain is capable of.

Zuziwe C. Soni

I have learned many techniques, which I can now use to study. But mostly I like the one were, I actually record my notes and listen to them.

Now that I know many things I didn’t know about studying, I will start studying and having my break in between my studying hours, which I didn’t before.

Nadiya Koya

There were a lot of new things that I have learnt. I understood the workshop.

I am ready to study for my finals, because I know I will be able to achieve, I just need to have a positive attitude and I will succeed. Thank you Junaid

Cameron Pillay

Good experience helped me a lot!

Gave me a positive way, encouraged me helped me improve the way I study gave me ways in how to study.

Rian Naidoo

It was excellent

My studying has alreaady improved A LOT!

Rukhiya Sibiya

It was awesome. I really learnt a lot and changed my way of thinking entirely towards exams, my career and my life.

I pray that soon I will do very good but I know with accelerated learning that I’m on track and I’m sure to make it out there and become more of what I think about myself.

Nadeelah Vally

It was an eye opening experience. I’ve definitely learnt how to study. I now know that I have to remain positive 24/7 and never give up which is what I normally do.

I know how to study, I know how to plan my time. I know what methods to use to keep the info in my head. Hopefully I’m gonna remain positive and really look forward to studying for my final exams.

Tanya Shah

I felt that it was very motivational and inspiring and it definitely made me more aware and shown me the right path way to success.

This program made me learn new techniques which I will definitely use in my final examination. I see myself receiving outstanding results at the end of this year. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Nishay Sewnath

It was very fun, motivational, exciting and inspirational.

It will improve my study skills and achieve my long term goals.

Clarese Pillay

It was very motivational and inspirational. It makes me want to work much harder than before.

It will make me push for higher grades and look forward to learning. I want to achieve all my goals and have outstanding academic achievements.

Ahmed Yusuf

It was a good one it was worth the day. It makes you believe in yourself. It was also a learning experience and it also teaches you that nothing is impossible.

Yes it has already made a difference in our lives and it made us believe in ourselves.


Well I experience a lot of things, how I can study, how to improve my marks and good study skills.

I will pass in the future.

Ruval Ramlachan

It was exciting, fun and motivational

It will make me persevere to do better and achieve outstanding results.

Safiyah Ghomran

It was extremely motivational and worthwhile.

I learnt a lot on how to improve your memory and get better grades. It was really fun and full of energy.

Fikile Mbehle

I’ve experienced many things that I didn’t even know.

This will improve my study skills and also study strategies. It will make it easier for me as I’ve learnt many different types of studying.

Reyhannah Jasten Mphande

I experience lots of things. E.g. how to study, how to learn, how to motivate yourself Etc.

It will improve in my studying, my concentration, in class, my tune management, my caring and loving for other people.

Sohail Ebrahim

It was a learning experience and with humor, this humor and ‘easy going’ nature of Junaid Bayat certainly eased the learning experience .

The progress taught me how to approach each subject’s content and how, not to study but to remember exactly what we’ve studied. It showed me a method for lifelong learning.

Rabia Bebee Khan

Very informative and I got to learn new skills and techniques.

Saadiyah Khan

Very interesting and motivating.

Azra Bu

It was amazing and motivational.

The workshop was excellent. I’ve learnt a lot and it has actually motivated me to study. Junaid has a lot of positive energy and it spreads to everyone. Really hoped that it was longer.

Ahara Azmuth

Very motivational, fun yet informative.

Got me motivated to study and has shown me how to use my time wisely.

Husnaa Basha

I felt I can do it and get better grades Insha’Allah.

By paying attention and understanding the skills that Junaid Bayat had given and take it too progress and I will go far in life Insha’Allah.

Tasmiyah Majeed

It was very interesting and I enjoyed it big time.

It will improve my grades and make me achieve my goals in the future and the following exams to come.

Lisa G Charlie

I really enjoyed everything and I learnt a lot, I now got hopeJ!

Insha’Allah I will improve and achieve my goals at the end of the year.

Hassina Mhlongo

I learnt how to work in groups and how to read and understand phrases better.

I learnt how to understand, how to be calm and forget about other things.

Saajida Bassa

It was really awesome. A lot of successful secrets and techniques were unveiled. It has motivated me to excell in the future.

Zaakirah Rawat

It was a fantastic experience. I had learnt many study skills and memory techniques which will help me improve my study time and make use of time effectively.


Time management, study techniques was key elements. I had learnt and will tell anybody to attend this.

It will push me towards studying and keeping focused on my future studies. Being the only student that is working and studying. I believe that your course is beneficial who are doing the same.

Fathima Bibi Suleman

It was fun enjoyable and I understood so much better how to study and use my skills.

I’m motivated to learn more and have fun while learning and pursue my dreams. It made me more aware of what I want and makes me want to work hard for it.

Ruqqayyah Docrat

It was amazing and well organized.

It’s helped me in many ways to prepare for exam and showed me to learn how to learn. I expect great results in the future.

Aaliyah Ebrahim

I learnt a lot, now I know how to study and achieve good results, it was very fun and exciting.

I am inspired by the talks and now I know how to get good marks and having a positive attitude towards learning and memorizing.

Aalia Razak

My experience was amazing, I learnt a lot J!

OMGOD! Junaid was so inspiring! He not only changed my mind about things but he taught me how to study and apply my skills in a well productive way.

Homarya Shaik

A very informative and eye opening experience, I highly recommend it to all students and people who have access to this wonderful opportunity.

I never really expected to learn anything but thankfully it helped me. I look forward to using the skills. This is one secret my friends will never get from me. Junaid was a spectacular lecturer.

Fathima Omar

I learnt a lot and Junaid is really entertaining and a great speaker.

Halima Hassan

It was a pleasurable experience finding out the different techniques of studying and time management.

It has highly motivated me and excited to get on studying.

Mussa Milazy

It was fantastic, though it was my first time it seemed as if I was forever part of the learning program workshop. Brilliant presentation Junaid Bayat!!!

It will help me control my anxiety before examination. It will surely boost my grades, Insha’Allah.

Muhammed Mulla

Personally I cannot study at all. I mainly derive my understanding of work from teacher when they explain at school. This method doesn’t always turn out the best of results. What I learnt at this workshop now empowers me to cover up in areas of my downfall with these new techniques I have learnt

Muhammed Osman Joosab

I learnt that a lot of things I normally do were wrong and it was an exciting experience.

It will help me prioritize much better.

Sohail Khan

I have learnt many new study skills and hope that they improve my grades.

Hopefully my grades will improve now that I have learnt these new study skills and tips

Uzair Hassanally

Very good learnt a lot of study skills as well as exam techniques

Lakiya Milazi

Very well! It was the best experience ever because I have learnt a lot on how to study.

Follow the steps and take one at a time.

Nasmeera Noorhmohammed

Well, I believe that every student should get the opportunity to attend this workshop program as I have learnt many new ideas to work with my studying

I have learnt many new ways to learn how to prepare for the exams.

Khadija Bibi Randeree

I have learnt a lot about how to learn. I leant exam prep and memory techniques.

I know more on how to manage my studying and what to do for preparation.

Muhammed Vawda

It was very informative.

I will get the grades that I want.


It helped a lot.

I found the workshop very helpful and it makes studying sound fun a skill I really enjoyed was the rapport.

Saudah Hashim

The most informative learning experience I have ever attended.

This experience has changed my ways of thinking from negative to positive. I am going to use these skills to change my A’s to A+. Inshallah. The memory skill was the most enjoyable thing ever. I look forward to going home and practising the skills I learnt. Shukrun Mr.Bayat

Iqsaan Gani

I learnt a lot. Time was too short.

I will now enjoy studying. THANK YOU!!!

Very impressed and will implement it.

Husnaa Mall
It was very nice and I will use lots of the skills.

I enjoyed the workshop I enjoyed the memory skill.

Azraa Razack

I found this workshop to be an enjoyable and interesting learning experience, far beyond I had expected. Looking forward to attending again.

Asma Khan

Very motivating and encouraging makes me believe that I can achieve the results that I want. The tips are useful and are effective.

The communication tips are fun and I cannot wait to try it out. I now know what I want

Matheena Akoonjee

I learnt a better way of studying a better and an easier and a much better way to improve my studies and to make me get higher marks. I feel much more inspired now and I think I will do good in exams.

I love this program I would like to be here again and learn more about this Accelerated learning. I will practise this and learn this way.

Sheldon George

It was super super fun and there was much that I learnt. I believe in myself. I feel confident.

Mohamed Zubair Hashim
Very educating. Didn’t know there was so much fun in learning, looking forward to studying.

Hope to achieve better results thanks to Mr.Bayat and hope to improve my entire life using his tips, techniques and skills

Nontuthuko Pride Nacobo

My experience was on top of the world, I never knew how much my brain has potential and how much I can do as a person. I am now a positive person towards studying the workshop was spectacular everyone should come.

I now can study, memorise with no limitations, the sky is no more a limit for me I’m ten to the power ten to the power eleven. My brain is so powerful, I think very positively and everyone needs it to be successful and love studying.

Ahmed Vadia

It was a good speech.

An intriguing course that boosts your self-esteem, I would recommend it to anyone that believes they have the potential but isn’t getting the results.  Junaid has fulfilled all his promises. An excellent investment for anyone that believes in the value for knowledge


It changed the way I look at studying because honestly I didn’t know how to study but junaid made that easier. I look forward to using the techniques.

It changed my perception of studying and the tips are extraordinary, the experience was great.


It was great, fun and excellent.

I had an enjoyable time. I have learned lots of things that can change everything.

Firdows sadek

I think it was an excellent experience and I have learnt many new skills that are very valuable and can be used in many ways. It was a valuable experience.

It has helped me by improving my brain skills and i have learnt alot. The skills will be used and will hopefully be put to good. It was a value for money.

Ihsaan bhigjee

It was quite awesome and I learnt alot.

That hopefully I will get better at my studies and get better grades.


Mastoora fareed

Very inspiring! Definitely worth it! I would recommend it to everyone.

Wow really good-actually excellent. It’s time we need someone to save us from this scary world of knowledge. It just gets dumped on us. We are taught the work but never taught how to learn it. And Mr Junaid Bayat rescued us. Thanks hero! Xxx. Made a huge difference and I’m writing a maths test tomorrow, amped to go home and study Jlooking forward to final exams.  J

Mudassira fareed

It taught me alot and made me want to study and inspired me to achieve more in life. I now know my true potential and I would like to thank Mr Junaid Bayat for helping me and many others turn our lives around positively.

It has improved my memory and taught me skills on how to study which really benefits me because it’s more effective than other techniques I usually use. I am positive that my grades will now improve.

Thobile Nglonso

I have experienced lots of ways on how to improve my reading techniques and how to achieve my goal.

I have learnt lots that I did not learn before and I would like to thank Junaid for giving me this knowledge which I didn’t have before. It was great learning new techniques of reading and studying.

Nooraan Rahmaan

It was fun, awesome and funny. I really liked it. I had a fun experience. The videos were really funny.

I really liked it. It was good and when I go home I am going to study

Amina Ntua

Learnt to work differently and study in a more organised way and stay focused.

It has taught me new ways to study and not letting things get into my way of studying. My problems must become my challenges so that I can work hard and achieve my goals. Whatever obstacle there is I must ignore and focus on my goal I must differentiate between urgent and important which I never looked at, to me I had to do everything once.

Muhammed Afthaab Rajack

I say that the experience was wonderful and exiting and I am hoping to come back for another workshop.

I hope to live long to practice these ways of studying and learning.

Taahir Vawda

I think it was an excellent workshop. It was worth it to come and will help me study with different techniques

I think it will because when I normally I sit and read the whole book a few times and it takes a long time. But now I think with the mind maps and block time it will help me.


Was really nice, learnt alot now need to put it to practise.

Put all this information in practise and then see from there inshallah it will benefit me.

Zandile Khadija Mnguni

I learnt how to achieve your goals and how to become successful in your life and I learnt some other technical activity that I had never did them before.

It had improved me on how I should gain more marks on my study and how I should focus on my work at school and to obtain from other things that make my life difficult.

Kashlene Naiker

I feel that this was a once in a life time experience. This was an awesome experience.

It taught me how to use my time wisely. I will no longer waste time.

Soaidah Khan

It was a truly amazing experience. I never thought I was capable of doing such things.

It taught me how to learn, how to study and how to manage my time.

Thembinkosi Taith Moyo

My experience was that. It’s so amazing what we can do if we put our minds to it. During the programme I felt more exited and I wanted to learn more and more and more. It brought positiveness that yes “I can succeed”.

It was fun, motivating and the techniques work!

I am in grade 11. I am a first year student with physics and biology what drove me to taking these big steps was passion for science. People thought it was impossible but I proved them wrong. It’s nearly the end of this year (2011) and we are writing final exams. They are very important to! But I was experiencing pressure and I had lost hope bearing in mind that there was limited time to prepare for the exams. The accelerated learning specialist has helped me see that I can do it I can bring back the passion in me!

Mariam Kayondo

It was a good experience. I never thought I can change my studying but what I learnt from Junaid Bayat I would like to make a change and improve my studies.

I am a person who feels lazy when it comes to studying, I always study in the last minute. But Junaid Bayat has taught me a lot of skills in order for me to achieve my goals and I believe I will make a change!

Nokulungo Mlshayisa

Everything that I learnt was great and I learnt things that I’ve never had in my life and success is one of the keys to life!

I have learnt many things today that I didn’t know before and I would like to teach what I’ve learnt to other people. I think it was great and interesting!!!


It was an entertaining learning experience!

It’s too good to improve

Sudhir Sukraj

The programme has been a fully motivational and inspiring exercise to empower myself with unique methods to overcome studying difficulties.

Being the first experience of this kind to me, I am ecstatically awaiting to pop open my books and study!!!


It was great and inspiring to all of us, atleast now we can improve our grades.

I think my mum will be shocked at my marks with the help of this programme. It really helps!!!


Great!!!! It was inspiring and made me aware about lots of things, like my potential.

Accelerated Learning boosted my confidence and made me believe in myself.

Ncobile Fauzia Dlamini

Planning how you will go about studying will actually make your studying easy and much interesting. Practising different ways of doing things might work if some seem not to work for you.

This will definitely work for me!

It actually showed me that having limited time is actually not an excuse of not learning at all because there is a way of breaking down your work in order to study.

Namazzi Ziyada Kayondo

My experience was in plan, organise and prioritise.

The stories changed my life and I have learnt many things which I didn’t know before. It has brought a difference in my life.

Nombuso Fortunate Nzaca

I’ve learnt to concentrate and I learnt many new study techniques and I can now use my memory wisely then before

It changed my life, now I know that I have a self-esteem that you are a loser and you’ll never be successful in life is not ethical.

Fatima Mashele

I learnt how to control my mind, most importantly I learnt that I learn most best by listening and viewing things. Positive thinking, self-confidence and self-motivating memory improving.
If I had to come back twice or thrice I would do that. This programme is excellent. I recommend it for everybody. If it is able to work for me, it’s able to work for anyone.

Shreshtha S Pershad

A really excellent workshop, really amazing. Worth the time and money. Also had an awesome time with my friends.

Fanele Magwaza

I’ve been taught and learnt to focus when I start my study sessions. I learnt to believe in myself and I will do something in my life. I learnt to focus my mind using a 1minute technique

Niquille kisten

I thought it was very good and it will help me throughout my life

I liked it a lot and I like to come for it again and learn all of the skills that has been taught.

Celine Govender

It was nice and I enjoyed it a lot. And I learnt a lot and it thought me to be a respectful person in my life. And thought me how to achieve things.

Jivesh Mahoray

It was superb it was great I never  thought that I would learn things like this. I want to say that I learnt a lot

Dhanistha Chetram

This workshop has motivated me to be positive, study hard in better ways to learn and study. I have enjoyed this workshop and look forward to using all the skills I learnt. Overall was an awesome, exciting and motivational experience!!!


It was very nice and I learnt more stuff. I would love to come again. The things I learnt will definitely help me in my life and in school.

Juwairiyyah Akbar

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. It was very informative and the presentation was done brilliantly. It was highly inspiring and motivational

This workshop has really had a huge impact on me. It was very encouraging. I have learnt alot and also enjoyed listening and looking at the videos and slide shows.           

Shaheen Khan

I enjoyed this workshop and I feel that I have gained alot from it.

By attending this workshop I come to know my inner abilities and various study skills. I also believe in myself more than ever.

Nasrin Mohamed

The workshop was very exciting, motivational, educational and interesting.

The workshop helped with many positive skills like training the mind. It taught me that you can do whatever you want.

Jamila Janna

It was very informative and to my liking. A great experience indeed and had me learning new learning skills and ways of being successful in life. I have learnt that there are always possibilities and solutions to any obstacles in our way. Was able to realise what is beneficial for me.

Fathima Casim

It was fun educational. It was something different and new.

The outcome of the programme was very good. It taught me stuff I really haven’t thought of before. I really enjoyed it and it was fun and also exciting.

Aarifa Sheikh

I found it motivational, empowering, inspirational, fun and educational.

I have become a more positive thinker and look at life from a different view. I have learnt to train my brain and how to manage time.

Fathima Azzahra Suleman

A fun, Innovative experience with great exposure to different learning methods. It opened my mind to the possibilities I can achieve and encouraged me to make use of the learning methods taught. I feel highly successful.

Suhiafa Mahomed

It really helped us, motivated us, and gave us a life experiencing tips. New and cool ways on how to study. This workshop is a really good experience. It makes us BELIVE.

This workshop is really going to help me succeed in my schooling career. It was just an excellent experience for us. It was fun. I definitely won’t mind going to another one.

Azra Hoosen

It motivated us. It was exciting. Learnt things we’ve never learnt before. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Was really good. I know more about managing and good tactics.

It really made a difference in the way I thought. It changed my belief. Made me more positive. It was worth it and very beneficial. I hope this will help me. I had fun. Improved my memory skills.

Najmoonisa Latiff

It was just awesome. I learnt so many new things that I hadn’t even heard about before.  It was quite an experience for me that was worthwhile.  I’m glad to have had this great opportunity.

The theory was very beneficial. I know I feel confident and believe that anything and everything is possible. I’m going to put whatever I learnt into practise and I know that and believe that I’m a winner glad to say I was there. Absolutely fantastic!

Tasneem Hoosen

Exciting, full of adventures. There were things   that I didn’t know. It taught me to be a positive thinker and show positive attitude. It really benefited!!!

The theory was enjoyable. I feel a difference in my thinking ability. I can now remember more things that I didn’t know I could! It’s just amazing how the mind functions!

Sumeera Abdul

It helped us, motivated us and gave us life experience tips on how to study. This workshop was a really good experience for us and we will definitely believe more in our self than we ever did before!

This workshop is going to really help me succeed in my schooling career. It was fun, energetic and I wouldn’t mind going to another one!

Aamina Alli

It was a superb experience from which I learnt many skills I did not know before. I will now be able to successfully study. The speaker was very informing and speaks well.

I have learnt and acquired a great amount of knowledge. This content was very helpful and beneficial. I know that I will now be able to study successfully with no problems at all. I also learnt to be a positive person and I am now ready to succeed and change my attitude towards life.

Shaakira Begum Ahmed

My experience on the Accelerated learning workshop was one of self-empowerment and enrichment during which I have obtained an extensive amount of knowledge concerning study skills and learning styles.

Naadirah Khan, Shamila Blasé, Sardiya Oebidin & Faeeza Shaik

The experience that we have received on Accelerated Learning workshop is amazing in its portrayal of successfully helping us motivate ourselves and remove our self limits and believe in ourselves.

This workshop has been a huge inspiration to us via motivation and positive attitude. This workshop has proved to be real and self-uplifting by changing our behaviours and teaching us really helpful skills in our studying. We hope this workshop sees a successful and bright future ahead and may it rise above all. “I’m a winner, I’m a SUCCESS!”

Najeebah Khan

It helped me a lot. I learnt a lot about how to study and I learnt a lot of new techniques and tips that were great.

We would like to have another study skills programme. We experienced different skills of learning and how to study and by showing us, we will get better results Insha’Allah ameen!!!!

You are really good in influencing people in a good way J

Bilqees Banu Ismail

It was an excellent experience and I really enjoyed it. The content theory was very beneficial and I would now put it into practise and see the results. It has been an excellent experience and I would put it into practice.

Omayya Ganniie

Excellent, loved it, very inspiring and I know it would help me a lot. It was well done.

Hope we have it again.                                                                                                 


It was extremely informative and educational. It has equipped us with many skills, tips and techniques. The experience was fun and very interesting.

The ideas and theory behind it was extremely well put together and attention grabber. After trying it out and implementing it we can give other feedback on results

Rukssar Golam

My experience on the Accelerated Learning workshop was really helpful. It was great. I really liked it a lot. It got rid of my worries. Now I know how to achieve my goals for studying.

All thanks to Junaid.

Nuwairah Sheik

My experience on the Accelerated Learning workshop was amazing and inspiring. I found that studying could be done without acknowledging it and could be done in an exciting way. Studying for me changed from being boring to being excitingJ.

It was really amazing and the theory presented was very beneficial and have helped me a lot. And I will surely implement this new technique when I am studying.

Sabihah Hoosain

It was very informative. The experience was implacable. I have learnt a variety of skills which I will put into practice. Insha’Allah. The workshop was extremely motivating. It was fun and interesting. It was a major learning experience for me and the theory was extremely beneficial. Insha’Allah we will have to put it into practice. It made me believe much much more in myself.

Aalia Abdul Aziz

I really enjoyed this experience as it motivated me a lot and made me believe in myself and It was something I never experienced before. It was so inspirational and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

The theory was very beneficial and motivational as well as inspirational. Now I just have use the skills that I learnt and get all the practical results and insha’Allah I will come out first in class.

Was excellent workshop.

Sulthana Ahmed

I really learnt a lot of different things that I didn’t know and I really enjoyed it. The theory was very beneficial and now I have to wait to see the final resultJ.

Salma Cassim

It was a wonderful experience. I learnt a lot. This was a really inspirational and motivational talk. “Never say Never”. It’s the best motivational talk ever, it’s now my favourite. I really loved it and I would love to listen to it again in the future. I realised that I am good enough

Junaid is an inspirational, motivational and empowered speaker. He is one of the best speakers I have ever listened to. He has an amazing talent and an excellent memory – I really enjoyed the workshop. He is good, absolutely good.

Sadiyah Hoosen

I really benefitted from the study skills development. It made me want to study more better. Made me believe in myself and never give up until I achieve success.

The experience was really motivating and inspiring. It really encourages you to do better and strive towards success. Makes you want to achieve more in life. It really did teach us many skills and techniques which was very beneficial. Now we need to achieve practical results.

Was overall excellent workshop.

Tasleem Essop

I had a great experience. It was a big motivation towards me. I learnt a lot from it. It was a very big impact on me. It was very educational and fun. It was very beneficial.

Afroz Adam

It was a wonderful experience. I learnt a lot. This was a really inspirational and motivational workshop.

Fathima Bashir

It was very interesting and motivational. The entire presentation was very interesting and very well explained, I really enjoyed it.  I learnt a lot so I won’t mind if this program can go on forever, that is how much I enjoyed it J.

Rookaya Ebrahim

Learnt a lot. Changed my life. This was an awesome experience. This workshop really changed my life and now I will focus more on studying easily.

Husna Khan

It was extremely interesting and I have learnt a lot. I hope we have another workshop soon. The videos were especially endearing. I am also interested in psychology so it was really exciting.

It could have a few more breaks ( those chairs were really hard!)

Tasmia Mahomed

I really loved the workshop. Now I know how to study less than 2 hours and would love for another workshop. My experience from Junaid was really nice. Now I know how to put my mind to it and would love to see the results I produce.

Bibi Ayesha Mohamed

It was an exhilarating experience. I feel much more confident about myself. And I feel I can now pass with flying colours. I am a genius.

Safeeya Backus

Very educational and informative. Never expected it to be so good. Truly motivated me. Definitely a superb program. It has benefited quite a lot with study skills

Rookaya Madari

It was fun and at the same time I learnt a lot. Was value for money. I would really recommend it. A life changing experience. I got nothing else to say other than “A perfect workshop” learned a lot with value for money. J My awareness level is much much higher.

Khadeeja Sayed

It was life changing. Made me have a set visual of what I want. Learnt how to study, do new things and most importantly learnt to be myself and not compete. Workshop was very interesting. I have a choice and can choose my thoughts, words and actions.

Younus Hassan

I now learnt many new ways on how to study and use these skills which I developed in this workshop. As it being my first workshop on study skills, I really enjoyed it very much.

I learnt a lot of new methods. I now pay attention to diagrams.

I used  to have problems with studying and memorising things. Once I finished the workshop I applied the techniques and bettered my grades and my learning techniques. So thank you Mr. Junaid Bayat!

M Faeem Ebrahim

Learnt new ways of studying and memorising. I learnt a lot of things that I didn’t know. The experience was GREAT.

Shaheed Kara

It was very practical also very fun. I learnt a lot. I was taught things that I never learnt before. I now know how to memorise. I used to have problems memorising now I have learnt 20 words in 15minutes and in perfect order.

Shaahid Amod

This workshop made me a better person. I learnt things that I thought could not be taught. I feel like I could get any mark I want. 80% and up. Thank you

Irfaan Khan

I learnt a lot! I learnt how to improve my reading, how to concentrate and study smart. I really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. I loved the videos

Ahmed B

I was taught things I never knew and made studying easier for me. It was really good and its worth the money you pay. I can learn in a way my mind wants. I can practise things I was taught. I learnt not only to achieve success but more. It was a fun experience for me and I will do it again. The entire presentation was really cool and awesome.

Sohail Limalia

I learned how to memorize and learn how to power read. I really enjoyed it and have learnt a lot. It was mind blowing.

Azhar Cassimjee

Studying has now become so easy and thanks to Mr. Bayat I have acquired lots of skills. It was one of the best programmes I have been to. It was very fun. My skills improved a lot in everything. I would use these skills in my studying. It was a good opportunity. We have learnt lots of secrets and tips of studying and it was fun. I wish we could have more sessions like this. It was absolutely awesome!!!

Mohamed Owais Cassim

The workshop was great and fun. Mr Bayat was very bubbly and entertaining and he taught us a lot. It was fun and exciting. I now believe in myself.

Mohamed Luqman Ramen

Wow. It was brilliant, the manner in which Mr. Bayat conducted it was outstanding. Those out there that are unsure about their life should or are encouraged to do this course.

It was brilliant the manner in which Mr. Bayat conducted his presentation was positive and very influential in a positive manner. Those that have intentions of attending this course should do so, im sure there will be no regrets! Quality of presentation was “One of a kind”

Muzaffar Hassen

I believe that I can do it. I also now believe it is easy to remember.


I learnt things I did not know. I learnt there are easy ways to study. I learnt how to do power reading. It was fun and my learning ability is very good now. It was easy to follow with the teacher.                                                                                                                                               

Muhammad Tareq Cassim

It was really motivational and I pick up important tips. Also very inspiring. I learned a lot and enjoyed myself. It was very cheap and a fun experience. I enjoyed myself including the activities.


It was very inspiring and motivating. It made me believe in who I am and what’s my real potential. It taught me how to train my brain. I benefitted a lot from this and now have a positive way of thinking. It helped be really believe in myself.

Shuayb Ramcharan

I was taught many new ways of studying and I learnt how to study and produce great results. I learnt not to be negative and how to perform at my peak. Taught me well. It was a very good experience. I learnt things I never heard of before. I saw skills that I can use in everyday life

Ashfaaq Adam

It is very practical and easy to learn. I learnt a lot and really enjoyed myself. It is very good value for money.


I learnt how to study faster and memorise words faster than before. I learnt how to communicate with people in the way it was supposed to speak to them. I learnt a lot of new skills and learnt how to use my skills. I learnt better ways of using my mind. I enjoyed my day learning from Mr. Junaid. He taught us a lot of new skills.


I really enjoyed the workshop because it has made learning easier and has made me realise how easy it is to learn. I was previously on a study skills workshop and it was not anything like this one.

This workshop was very motivating towards the learners.



I learnt how to learn how to memorise things. I really enjoyed this study skills program and I will recommend it to others. Other workshops was not as great as this. There were a lot of tips given and has taught us how to perform well. Also taught us how to learn naturally. It is a great workshop to be on.

M Iqsaan Mia

Learnt how to learn better, to remember things. Been a brilliant experience. Made study easy for me. The techniques and tips were brilliant and awesome. It was a fun, learningful experience. Learnt a lot of things we didn’t know.

Ismail Kalusha

I learnt my objectives, skills, motivation, courage, how to be smart, my performances and how to achieve my goals. I learnt new skills and learnt how to use my new skills. I learnt how to use my mind, I wish there were more study skills offered and I can benefit from it. It taught me how to use my skills, techniques and find my potential. It was awesome.                        

Khalid Shaik

Learnt many new things. Learnt listening, studying and other skills. Learnt how to use the skills and hot to use my mind. Program was great with lots of new stuff to learn.

Ashraf Shaik

Made me believe that I can do and achieve my goals. Learnt things I didn’t know.

Sameer Mohamed

Good experience. Learnt new study skills. It has been a wonderful experience in which I learnt new study skills to learn.

Sohail Mohammed

It was the best. Very good skills.


It was fun. We learnt a lot from this program. Made study and learning very easy. I would like to have another session. It’s a good course and its worth your money guaranteed.


It was helpful. Help my studies a lot. Was exciting, fun and unique. Learnt a lot of ways to improve my results. My first workshop, I enjoyed and learnt a lot. Was helpful and an investment for the future.


It was a great experience, learnt new ways of studying. Made studying a whole lot easier. I had an excellent experience and the instructor was very active and had a lot of fun.


Improved memory, concentrating, made studying easier, very nice. Enjoyed my time. Good value for money.

Yousuf N Hassan

It was an amazing and interesting experience. I have been truly enlightened. I have truly been amazed by this workshop, I have been given the best tools to further and accomplish my success.

Wasim Cassim

There was a lot to learn and it benefitted me a lot. It was amazing. It was well worth it because it has helped me. It was a wonderful experience and this is not the last program of Junaid Bayat I am going to attend.

Nazeem Michael

I learnt how to memorize in just seconds and I also learnt how to speed read. It was very exciting. My experience was mind blowing as it was value for money and I really enjoyed myself and have learnt a lot.

Mohammed Sohail Dawood

It has been very exciting. It is a once in a life time opportunity. It was fun and interesting. Taught me to believe in myself and to have a lot of hope in myself.

Sohail Padia

It helped me memorize words more easily. It was an enjoyable experience to learn that I am capable of producing good results.

Muhammed Javed Khan

Learnt how to speed read, how to learn and memorize. The programmed was filled with fun filled activities and I have learnt many things. Had lots of fun.                                        

Bilaal Ballim

At first I did not want to go but when I saw the program introduction I went for it. I changed the whole way of learning and I learnt a lot. I really like it.


I’ve never experienced this before. Was amazing and exciting. I will never forget what I learnt. Really money’s worth. This was really amazing. You will never experience this ever. Its money’s worth and you will never forget this program. It was very good and I really enjoyed learning how to learn.

Muhammed Muzzammil

I learnt such things that I thought that it was impossible to do. Excellent, was too good and exciting. jazaakAllah. May Allah (SWT) Bless you.                                                                             

Zulfikar Hoosen

It was great. I’ve never been taught how to learn before. I learnt many new things and things that I never knew before. It was very unique and the instructor was off the hook. My experience in this workshop is great. I advise everyone to attend this workshop.

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